The Hot and Cold Truths about Setting Up a Restaurant

Monica Fowler | June 5, 2017 | 0 | Business Services

Different restaurants require different equipment, depending on the type of menu being offered. If you want to serve a full menu of hot and cold items, for example, you’re going to need a variety of hot and cold equipment, including commercial fridges Melbourne has to offer. But you’re going to need more than that if you want an efficient and fully functional kitchen.

Do you want to stick to something simple, such as serving salads and sandwiches? You’re still going to need a commercial fridge, prep table, and other basic equipment for a smooth operation. And if you still don’t know it, a Melbourne commercial fridge is also essential for food safety. Suffice to say that even the simplest restaurant needs hot and cold appliances.

Freezers and grills

Since you need to stock up on ingredients, freezers are essential for food storage. This is especially true if ingredients are not used immediately. Providers of a Sydney or Brisbane commercial fridge, such as Cold Display Solutions, offer a variety of freezers – chest, stand-up, and walk-in freezers, all of which are commonly found in restaurant kitchens.

A restaurant isn’t complete without gas grills as well. After all, it is a standard equipment and makes cooking easier and faster in a commercial environment.

Ice machines and Refrigerators

Refrigerators are designed to store food items at a certain temperature, what with its adjustable temperature dial or button. No restaurant is without a refrigerator because it is required by food safety codes. This underlines the importance of commercial fridges Melbourne offers. Ice machines, on the other hand, are essential if you offer cocktails or your restaurant comes with a full bar.

Dishwashing and handwashing equipment

Local health departments in Australia require that restaurants must have dishwashing and handwashing stations that require a dishwasher and hand-washer, respectively. After all, dishes and hands must be kept clean to prevent the spread of bacteria and food-born illness. Many of today’s industrial restaurant dishwashers are now capable of automatically dispensing dishwashing liquid and maintaining a set water temperature.

Prep tables

Depending on the configuration of a restaurant kitchen, prep tables can be attached to other equipment or free-standing. Whichever is the case, stainless steel should be the material choice for use in preparing food, particularly poultry and meat. Anything else would be unsanitary.

Safety equipment

There should be first-aid kits in a restaurant, as required by the Workplace Health and Safety Act. Kits must contain everything necessary to treat the most common injuries that occur in restaurant kitchens. There should be fire extinguishers as well, the number of which must be suitable for the size and configuration of a business establishment. Failure to do so would be a direct violation of the local fire codes.

Fitted with the minimum equipment requirement, your restaurant can operate smoothly, efficiently, and in compliance with food safety and local rules. Now all you need to do is find the right providers. As a company with depots in Sydney and Melbourne, you can buy, hire, or rent to own commercial fridges Melbourne offers or a Sydney commercial fridge from Cold Display Solutions.  For more details, visit

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