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Brother multifunctional printer (MFP) provides an all in one solution to most office printing services. They print, scan, copy and fax. Due to their numerous functions, MFPs are susceptible to numerous problems that need immediate resolving by competent and qualified service provider.

Brother multifunctional printer

MFP Printer Problems

Multifunctional printers require regular repair and maintenance services due to their numerous functions. First and foremost, they require regular maintenance activities to prevent early parts failure, reduce downtimes and ensure the machine performs at maximum throughput. Regular maintenance jobs include cleaning the laser scanners, drum unit, corona wires and other parts as well as checking for breakages.

In addition, multifunctional printer requires regular replacement of consumable items and units. These units are consumed during the operation of the printer and the manufacturer normally recommends that they are changed after printing a given volume of papers. For example, the tonner cartridge needs replacement after printing 5000 papers. Consumable units include: tonner cartridges, drum, belt, fuser, laser and paper feed kits(paper pick up unit, roller and separator pads). The replacement of consumables is a highly technical and specialized job that requires an authorized Brother MFP repair services expert to ensure proper removal, replacement and discarding/recycling according to local regulations. The new parts must be properly installed to prevent printing errors, paper jams, and poor quality printout among other problems.

Occasionally, MFP printers may fail unexpectedly. These problems are common in any office environment and must be resolved by a competent expert. The main problems associated with these printers include; software, installation and configuration, telephone and network connection, printing, copying, faxing, error messages and scanning issues. Software problems include failure to install software, incompatible software, installation and configuration issues and integration with other machines.

Printing problems comprise of paper jams, failure to print, curled and smeared pages, poor quality printouts (fading, condensed print, horizontal streaks, top and bottom text not printed, missing printouts), failure to respond or slow response by the printer, USB connectivity issues, wireless printing problems and unexpected printouts.

Sometimes, error messages displayed on Brother multifunctional printer or the computer are complicated to resolve and require the attention of a qualified repair technician. Most error messages stop the operation of the printer until the problem is resolved. Faxing problems emanate from connectivity issues, failure to send and receive fax, poor fax image quality, as well as configuration issues. Scanning issues include: errors, poor quality scans and failure to scan.

Resolving MFP issues fast and conveniently

Using MFP repair technicians is advantageous since they provide warranty for their services ensuring that the fault does not keep recurring and this save costs, increases productivity while reducing downtime. They also provide genuine parts at cost effective prices and these guarantee high quality work, durability and long service life.

Clients with Brother multifunctional printer that need servicing and repair can get fast, convenient and quality services from Brother MFP repair services in Sydney by GOM. Global office machines (GOM) have qualified, proficient, friendly and experienced engineers that respond fast and solve eminent problems resulting to low downtimes.

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