Dog fashion guide: Choosing the best fall coats…

Monica Fowler | August 22, 2019 | 0

Fall is approaching fast. It’s time that you buy a new fall getup—don’t forget one for your fur baby, though.

Thinking about buying them a coat for the fall season? You are doing it right. Yet, with plenty of dog coats online, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

If you check out the dog coats for sale in BitchNewYork, for instance, you will see a couple of new trends and materials. Which of these coats suit your pupper the most?

When shopping for dog coats on the web, use this guide:

  1. Measure your dog’s body

Before you shop online, you have to measure your dog’s body. These will help you find the ideal size for the dog coat. Just compare it with the store’s available sizes.

Now, in most online shops, you will find size charts. However, take note that no two size charts are similar. What’s XL in other stores may be L for one shop.

It’s a good thing though that some shops take the extra step by organizing the sizes according to dog breed. In any case, just make sure to clarify your sizing concerns with the online shop.

Here’s how to measure your dog’s body:

  • To get the length, measure the space between their collar’s base to their tail’s base.
  • To get the neck girth, measure the space where they usually wear their collar.
  • To get the chest girth, measure their widest chest part, behind their front legs.
  1. Choose the appropriate style of the coat

When you shop for dog coats online, you will find these two most common styles:

  • Jacket style – This wraps around your dog’s shoulders, chest, stomach, and thighs.
  • Blanket style – This doesn’t cover your dog’s stomach, only their shoulder.

Since you’re buying them a coat for fall, a Jacket-style coat will be ideal. Just find a material that’s not too thick but can still keep them warm. This way, your dog can still use it in the Winter season. Visit at Bitch New York

There’s a variety of fall jackets for your dog—some even have faux fur and brass buttons! It can get fancy for these fur babies. However, even though it’s the right size and style, you still have to be wary of the material.

  1. Opt for the best materials for fall

You might not need the warmest dog coats right now. However, your dog still needs a jacket, so they can be warm in the coming chilly fall nights.

Here are some of the best coat materials for the fall season.

  • Coat with reflective material – This will help conserve their body heat.
  • Coat with Polyester and knit blend – This makes the coat lightweight but stretchable.
  • Fleece lined dog coats – This material is lightweight, soft, and easy to wear for your puppy—and even for you!

Now, take note that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort all the time. Some dog coats perfectly balance those two. In the dog coats for sale in BitchNewYork, for example, we can recommend the wool-blend coats.

The Wool Fur-Trimmed Dog Harness Coat Burgundy, especially, will make your fur baby look like a Russian princess. It even comes with designer brass buttons and a D-ring, so you can attach your leash easily. They will feel toasty but still look adorable!

In a nutshell

Your dog may have no sense of style but their comfort still matters. Now that you have this guide, you can now choose the right fall coat for your dog.

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5 Noteworthy Benefits of Dog Walking Jobs

Monica Fowler | November 12, 2018 | 0

Tons of professionals put their health at risk to succeed in their chosen careers. Many people work long hours in the office without even noticing its toll to their physical and mental wellbeing. If you are on the look for a new job that will not hurdle your health but rather do the opposite, you might want to consider the dog walking Gold Coast jobs.

Boost Physical Well-being

Walking is the best exercise; by becoming a dog walker, you get to do this amazing workout on a daily basis. Regular walking helps in proper blood circulation and improves pulmonary and cardiovascular health. Walking also helps in improving one’s bone health, posture, and balance. The list of the health advantages of walking is endless; you just have to try it for yourself to experience all the amazing benefits it can offer.

If you want a career that allows you to earn a living while doing your physical well-being a favor, it’s about time you grab an exceptional dog walking job Melbourne has to offer.

Enhance Mental Health

Dog walking does not only help improve one’s physical fitness but it also promotes cognitive health. Going for a walk with an admirable four-legged being is a stress-free work. By taking dog walking Gold Coast jobs, you also get to wander around and divert your thoughts on the positive things around you.

Dog walking is also proven to help reduce depression and loneliness among people. Staying inside your home all day may trigger thoughts of sadness and anxiety; thus, going outside for a walk with your furry pal is the best way to shake off the negativity inside your head.

Improve Socialization Skills

When you become a dog walker, you casually socialize with the people you meet outside. Without even noticing, you improve your ability to communicate and get around other people.

Moreover, by being a dog walker, you get to experience new things and meet new folks day by day with a canine friend.

Enjoy the Outdoor Environment

If being stuck inside a four-cornered office is not your cup of tea, being paid to walk around the outdoors with a dog might be the job for you.

Going outside for a walk lets you breathe fresh air, which is highly beneficial for your physical and mental well-being.

Dog walking Gold Coast jobs allow you to have a stable income while enjoying the outdoors with a lovely tail-wagger; thus, you get the best of both worlds.

Get Rewarding Feedbacks

Owners of dogs will definitely appreciate your efforts in looking after their pup, and in return, they’ll give you gratifying sentiments which can be truly rewarding. Simple gestures of thankfulness and appreciation from dog owners can definitely make you love your job even more.


Most of the dog walker jobs Sydney has nowadays will allow you to set your own work schedule. Thus, you can work and walk around the times your body is in its best condition.

If you would like to know more about dog walking job opportunities, you may visit